Yoga And Weight Loss: Can It Help You?

Do you think yoga is only about deep breathing and stretching exercises? Think again. Yoga can help you lose weight, whether you have ten extra pounds on your frame, or 110. Yoga has the uncanny ability to make everything in life a little bit easier – sounds like one of those hyped up claims you see on magazine covers, right? Well, studies have shown that it’s true, and everyone from scientists to health gurus are taking notice.

Here’s how yoga can help you lose weight and keep it off for good:

* Yoga takes you into the world of mind-body mastery: Losing weight is just as much mental ability as it is physical. Yoga is one of the only practices in the world that combines both. This means you have a different appreciation for food, and everything you put into your body.

* Yoga creates awareness: Have you ever sat watching TV, reaching for that bowl of popcorn and then the next thing you know, the bowl is empty? Yoga helps you become aware and mindful of all of your activities, not just eating. You won’t just reach for a candy bar or Doritos because you’re bored.

* Yoga builds muscle: Even the gentlest of yoga exercises can help build strength and muscle because you’re using your own body as a ‘weight’ instead of kettle bells or dumb bells. And everyone knows that muscle burns fat. Your body will be transformed into a fat-burning machine, long after you’ve finished the class.

* Yoga inspires a healthy lifestyle: Once you begin to understand the power of yoga and how it can transform your body, you will be much more likely to reach for something healthy the next time you’re hungry. You’ll be able to clean out your pantry of processed and junk food, and fill it with whole grains, lentils, beans, and foods full of fiber and protein.

* You’ll forgive yourself for slip-ups: Everyone has a day that is low on the healthy scale. Birthday parties, family celebrations, and holidays can all get in the way of making good food choices. But studies show that those who practice yoga are less likely to beat themselves up for it, and are quicker to get back onto their healthy eating regime.

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