Dermatitis and Eczema Remedies

Maybe the first question you asked yourself after the doctor diagnosed  your condition you was, “Why Me?” Why Im stuck with the itching and dryness of eczema? why do I have to suffer the redness and irritation of dermatitis” Your doctor is perhaps best qualified to answer that question, difficult as it can be, but it may help to know that your’ not alone. The latest government statistic show that close to nine millions of Americans suffer from some form of dermatitis every year. That’s a lot of scratching.

The following tips are designed to help those with physical-diagnosed condition of eczema or dermatitis control the itching and dryness that typically accompany with those afflictions.


Beware of Dry Air. Dermatitis is aggravated by dehumidified air, especially during winter months when forced air heat circulates in the home. ” force-air-heat” is a bit more drying than other types of heat. Since dry air tends to aggravate the itching of eczema or dermatitis, keeping indoor air moist should be a primary concern of suffers and their families. ” If you can counter dry air with good  humidifier, then forced air heats not as much of a problem. you can buy humidifier and put on a room or your bedroom so that you feel more comfortable and ease your dryness even itching.

Like It Luke Warm. the long held belief that people with dermatitis should avoid bathing is coming under increased. why some physicians feel excessive bathing can aggravate the condition, others feel that regular bathing reduces the chances of infection and helps soften the skin. Generally fall into second category. “Bathe”, but bath in lukewarm water is much better. avoid water that is too hot or too cold.

Go For The Grease. Regular soap  need not be avoided in your bath as long as moisturizer is applied after it use to keep the skin from drying out., You can bathe too frequently unless you grease afterwards. the grease is what holds the water in, and dry the skin is a function of water loss, not of oil loss. Some favorite after bath emollients (or grease, as dermatologist typically call them) include complex- 15 Eucerin, Keri, Lubriderm lotion, or moisturel lotion. If you skin still seems dry after using one of those product, move up to creams such as lubiderm cream,moisturel cream, or ointment such as aquaphor, Eucerin, Nivea or petroleum white. you can find  all of this in any kind of supermarket or drugs store.

Take An Oatmeal Bath. For an addition soothing treat adding colloidal oatmeal like Aveeno to the bath, and even using oatmeal soap substitute. for the bath pour 2 cups of colloidal oatmeal (available at pharmacies) into a tub of lukewarm water. The term Colloidal simply means the oatmeal has been ground to fine powder that will remain suspended in water: For use as a soap substitute wrap colloidal oatmeal in a handkerchief, place a rubber band around the top, dunk it in water, wring it out, and use as you would normal wash cloth.

Avoid Antiperspirant. Metallic salt such as aluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate, and zirconium chloro hydrate are active ingredients in many antiperspirant, and these have been know to cause irritation in people with sensitive skin. Usually its the antiperspirant, as opposed to the deodorant, that’s irritating. Used a product called Aqueous Zephiran, an over the counter product available in drugs store. or if you plan to continue using commercially produced product antiperspirant, look for those that contain such as anti-irritants as allontoine, zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, aluminum  hydroxide, or thrithanolamine.

Try This OTC. Topical ointments and lotions containing cortisone are often used to alleviate the itching and inflammation of dermatitis or excema. Hydro cortisone is the mildest member of the cortisone family of steroid hormones, and it is available as a non irritating emollient at drugstores. half percent hydrocortosone cream is available with out prescription and that  can help you start somewhere, and going to drugstore and getting 0.05 percent hydro cortisone cream wont hurt you. stronger cortisone creams can have serious side effects. however, and should not be used without a doctor direct supervision.

Take Comport in Cotton. Cotton clothing worn next to the skin is much better than either wool or polyester, especially wool. the bottom line avoid synthetic or itchy fabrics as well as tight or ill fitting clothes. in addition to looking tacky, such clothing can trigger itching.

Stay Away From Fake Nails. Recent search at the Cleveland clinic foundation has shown that acrylic manicure products can cause frequent and obvious cases of dermatitis, such acrylic may present in artificial fingernails, fingernail extenders, or sculptured nails, and can cause eye,nose, and respiratory irritation in addition to allergic contact dermatitis. such product were once limited to salon, but they have become available for application at home. Even so, probably most people don’t have a problem with artificial nails. the problem was that the first fixatives had formaldehyde in them, and some of them still do. you can have a contact problem with that, as well as the other polymers in artificial nails. If you suspect an allergic reaction from such product, avoiding contact with them may be the only cure.

Compress To Soothe. Cold, wet dressing can help soothe and relieve the itching associated with contact dermatitis. Try to used cold milk instead of water its seems a lot more soothing. here are the things on how to do it. Put milk into glass with ice cubes and let it sit for a few minutes. Then pour milk into the gauze pad or thin  piece of cotton and apply it to irritated skin for 2 to 3 minutes. re soak the cloth and reapply, continuing the process for about 10 minutes. this is not recommend for generalized eczema or dermatitis. eczema can sometimes get so bad that it begin to ooze. This conditions is known as weeping eczema, and some doctors believe it respond well to cold compress applied several times a day. If the conditions does not respond, however, consult your physician as soon as possible.

Cool With Calamine. Calamine lotion is good for many types of rashes that ooze and may need to be dried out. Calamine lotion with menthol or phenol added to it can be purchased over the counter at drugs stores, and it seems to help itching better than calamine lotion alone.

Put Your Diet To The Rest. Food allergies can play a big role on a topic dermatitis during childhood,” say Dr. Pearlstein. ” they are intimately related before age 6, and you can manipulate an infants diet and do well in helping the skin.” Traditionally, eggs, orange juice, and milk have been implicated as eczema aggravates in children. But, says Dr. Pearlstein, “I certainly wouldn’t incriminate those food wholesale. ” that means parents will need to consult their physician about trying elimination diets, just to be sure, such diets seem to work best in infants less than 2 years old. Dr. Pearstein say. ” After age 6, we’ve found that food plays a minimal role in most people, ” For adults, Dr. Pearstein says he leaves diet manipulation largely in the hands of his patients. If you think there any food you eat that has been adverse effect on your skin, avoid it and see what happens, he say, if your problem clears up, you may have a food allergy.

Avoid Quick Changes In Air Temperature. If you have eczema then rapid temperature changes can be a problem. Going from a warm room out into cold winter air, or even from an air-conditioned room to a hot shower, can trigger itching. Wearing layers of clothing-cotton clothing- is the best way to protect yourself in the first instance, and of course, person with eczema should always avoid hot baths or showers. A little forethought can help cut down on this type of itch trigger.

Beware Of Baby Lotion. Sometime baby lotion aren’t the best thing for childhood eczema, They have a high water content, and that can further dry and irritate the skin as evaporation takes place.  some of the fragrances and active ingredients in baby lotions (lanolin and mineral oil) are common causes of skin allergy. ” what you want instead are cream or ointment, Something like Eucerin cream, Aquaphor, or Vaseline dermatology formula.

Rub Some Urea. Emollient that contain urea are pretty good for relieving the itch of eczema or dermatitis. Urea is a sloughing agent, and its a good product. We usually use it when the skin is a little thick from rubbing and scratching. A couple of Urea containing products to try include carmol 10 or 20, or ultra mide 25. emollients that contain factic acid (Lacti care 1 percent or 2 percent, Aqua lacten, or lach-hydrin) are also recommended.


Use Antihistamines For Atopics. Antihistamines block the release of histamine from mast cells, thereby reducing such classic allergy symptoms as headaches, runny nose, and itching. for that reason, over the counter antihistamines such as benadryl are good for eczema. Antihistamines reduce itching by preventing histamine from reaching and swelling sensitive skin cells. a note of caution, how ever, antihistamines must sometimes  be taken in large doses to bring relief. Drowsiness can result, leading to possible problem  with driving or handling dangerous machinery.

Wash Once, Rinse Twice. When it comes to doing laundry for people with eczema or dermatitis, it is not the detergent so much us the rinse. you got to make sure the detergent is washed out thoroughly. don’t over detergent your clothes when washing, and always use a second rinse cycle  to get all the soap out.

Get To Know Your Eye Doctor.. In a 20 year study of 492 people at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, 13, percent of those with atopic dermatitis developed cataracts. ” there is a higher incidence of cataracts in people with atopic dermatitis, ” Dr. Pearstien confirms. ” Atopic should be seen by an ophthalmologist more frequently than other people.

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