Green Tea: The Benefits

Drinking tea has been linked to several different health benefits for centuries. Depending on the kind of tea that is being drank depends on which health benefits you are getting. Green tea is among those teas that are giving you exceptional health benefits, plus it tastes great. There are several health benefits that many people do not realize green tea carries. Green tea is processed in a way that other teas are not before seeping in your hot water. Due to the way it is processed, it is one of the only teas that actually hold most of their antioxidant powers. Green tea is packed with antioxidants that help prevent cell damage, and could help lower your risk of certain cancers as well. While no food or drink will miraculously make you lose extra pounds or fat, green tea does have metabolism boosting ingredients within it to help speed up your digestion. Green tea contains an ingredient that helps speed up the process of fat oxidation and the speed in which your body turns food into calories.With a healthy balanced diet and a decent exercise regimen, you will benefit greatly from drinking green tea. Green tea is also great for diabetics. The catechins that are found in green tea help regulate blood sugar, which also helps prevent spikes in insulin and potential fat storage. These catechins also lower cholesterol and blood pressure and helps prevent damaging effects that a high fat diet can have on a person’s body.

Drinking green tea will greatly decrease your risks of getting certain diseases, as well. Of course, just like weight loss, no food or drink is going to stop you from getting certain diseases, but if your chances of getting them are lowered, why not give it a shot? Since green tea’s ingredients work to prevent high blood pressure, this also aids in the prevention of heart disease. Studies on mice have even shown that green tea has helped improve damaged brain cells and prevented not damaged brain cells from dying. This means it can aid in delaying the deterioration that people who suffer from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease encounter. Green tea contains theanine, an amino acid that is thought to give a relaxing effect to the drinker of the tea, which can also help people who have been diagnosed with depression. These are only some of the wonderful benefits that green tea has to offer. The best way to drink it, of course, is fresh brewed without a lot of added sugars and honey to get the best effects from the drink. Depending on the reason you are considering drinking green tea, the benefits will make themselves apparent soon enough.

Why Green Tea is Good for You

When you’re feeling thirsty or just need a relaxing drink to calm you down, there are all kinds of beverages you can choose from. One of the absolute best, however, is green tea. This is, quite literally, one of the healthiest drinks in the entire world and is always a smart choice.

Chock-Full of Goodness

To begin with, green tea is loaded with good-for-you ingredients known as polyphenols. All you basically need to understand about these ingredients is that they work as powerful antioxidants, meaning they can reduce inflammation in the body, decrease the rate at which harmful free radicals form, and boost your immune system, helping you to stay healthier in general. It also doesn’t hurt that green tea is loaded with minerals that help the body to function at its best. Really, no matter how you look at it, green tea and all that it contains is super good for you!

Banish Stomach Pain

These days, it’s not uncommon for people to suffer from stomach pain and a wide variety of stomach problems. Fortunately for these people, though, studies have found that those who regularly drink green tea have a reduced risk of ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, heartburn, and even colon cancer. And, for those who already have one of these conditions, regular consumption of green tea, thanks to its anti-inflammatory abilities, can help to reduce the symptoms.

An Awesome Weight Loss Aid

If you’re trying to take off extra pounds, green tea can help. Those polyphenols mentioned earlier aren’t just good at keeping you healthy. They’re also great at increasing the level and rate at which you burn fat! That means that, by drinking green tea, you can help your body to take the food you eat and use it as energy, instead of storing it as fat. This will make losing weight a whole lot easier and can help you to see results much more quickly too!

A Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer

While everyone can benefit from drinking green tea, it’s especially beneficial for females. Studies have shown that regular consumption of green tea can cut a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 22%. This is believed to happen due to the many antioxidants contained in green tea. As you can see, no matter how you look at it, green tea is great! It tastes great and is great for your health, so you’ll definitely want to add a cup or two into your daily routine.

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