Keep up your guard

Any bite could develop complication. stay alert for these potential problems:

Infection. Examine any animal wound periodically. if its get red, painful, or hot, infection has probably develop get professional help.

Crush Injury. Some times a large dog, such as a German shepherd, will bite with out breaking the skin. if you can see bite marks on both side of extremity, there may be internal damage. if tingling develops or if the extremity  changes colors ( turn blue, for instance), there may be structural damage. get to hospital or call paramedics.

Rabies.  All Warm blooded animals may carry rabies. contact the animal owner to see whether its rabies shots are up to date. rabies treatment may be safely delayed as long as the animals shows no symptom. providing the bite has no severe or too close to the head you may be required to report all bites to the authorities.

Rocky mountain spotted fever. If you were  bitten by a tick, a rash may develop around your wrist or ankles and spread to the rest of your body. A high fever and terrible headaches can follow. the disease can be deadly, so if symptoms appear, see a doctor immediately.

Lyme disease. Also cause by ticks start as a ringworm like spot at the site of the bite. although very serious if not treated the organism is easily killed with antibiotics. symptoms may develop for a few weeks, so you should keep an eye for the bite area.

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