Blood Pressure 12 Ways To keep It Under Control

About 30 Million people in the United States have high blood pressure (hypertension). according to the latest figures from the National Center for Health Statistic. that makes the third most prevalent chronic condition in the nation, right behind sinusitis and arthritis.But more important than rank is what hypertension portends in older Americans. Of all the risk factors for heart attack, high blood pressure maintains an  uncanny degree for accuracy for predicting exactly who will get cardiovascular disease after age 65. On the upside, about 70 percent of patients have what known as mild hypertension, that is diastolic pressure that falls somewhere between welcome changes in treatment. the emphasis is now  being placed on non drug therapy.

The Remedies below are designed to help those with mild hypertension attain good control over their condition.If you already taking medication for your blood pressure, dosage levels may need to be adjusted so consult your physician before implementing changes.

1.Watch your weight

while there are lot of hypertension who are not fat, obese people tend to have three times as much hypertension as people of normal weight.Twenty percent above the ideal weight for your height and bone structure is where obesity starts. but obese people need not lose any where near that much to reduce high blood pressure. An Israeli study show that stout people with high blood pressure can achieve normal pressure by losing only half of their excess weight, even thought they remain considerably obese. Even with relatively minor amounts of weight loss, one can see a measurable fall in blood pressure. Dr. Kaplan say. ” we encourage obese people to lose all the weight they can. but if they can’t lose a whole lot, atleast what ever they do lose should give them some help with there blood pressure.



2.Shake the salt habit

The link between sodium and high blood pressure has never been proven beyond a doubt. but what is known is that a salt- sensitive subset of hypertensives probably exist, and you may be one of them. ” there no way to know of your salt sensitive other than putting yourself on a low sodium diet and seeing what effect that has on your blood pressure. Dr. kaplan say ” So we just ask all our hypersensitive to cut down on salt to about 5 grams a day and hope it has a good effect. take note that most people cut down they find that they need as much as salt as they thought they did. keep the salt low, but don’t count on it to do everything.


3. Cut down alcohol

because the connection between alcohol consumption and high blood pressure  has been well documented. people with hypertension should limit their alcohol consumption.



4. Pass the potassium, please

Increased levels of this minerals maybe valuable in helping control high blood pressure. ” the number of hypertensives who respond to potassium seems to depend on how long the studies are performed. In a two weeks study they find that 30 percent get a reduction, but with in eight weeks study, they find that 70 percent get reduction. Dr. Webb believes that the total amount of potassium you consume isn’t as important as maintaining the correct sodium/potassium ratio in your diet.” we believe there’s a clear benefit when you get three times as much potassium as sodium, ” he say. ” If your in low salt diet and getting 2 grams of sodium (2 grams of sodium equals 5 grams of table salt) per day, then you should get 6 grams of potassium.”

How do you know if your getting enough? well. its virtually impossible to device a low salt diet that’s not high in potassium. and its hard to avoid potassium if you eat plenty of natural foods say Dr Webb. potatoes, fresh fruit, and fish are loaded  with it. to calculate the ratios how ever, you may need to consult the tables of nutrition reference  book.


5.Make the calcium connection

Calcium seems to have effect favorable effect on some people, says Roseann Lyle, Ph. D., an assistant professor of health promotional and education at Purdue University. But the search to discover exactly who will respond favorably to calcium continues. ” It seems that self sensitive hypertension, who maybe about half the people with high blood pressure, are the same ones who respond well to calcium, “says Laurence M, Resnick, M.D., assistant professor at the new your hospital- Cornell University Medical Center in New York City. ” If salt is bad for you, Calcium is good for you”.


6. Avoid isometrics

Exercise, as part of the program to reduce hypertension, appears to add the treatment. ” Say David Spodick. M.D. director of clinical cardiology at St. Vincent Hospital at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. But he adds, isometric exercise such a weight lifting must be avoided. the reason is that the weight lifting exercise may cause blood pressure to temporarily sky rocket.


7.Try aerobic exercise instead

While numerous studies have shown that the beneficial effects of aerobic exercise on high blood pressure, the primary advice for hypertensives is to proceeds with caution. ” we usually  start people with walking a quarter of a mile briskly, ” say Robert Cade M.D., professor of medicine at the University of Florida College of Medicine. ” then we go up from there until the person can walk a mile briskly. after that we initiate running- but only after a physical exam and possibly stress electrocardiogram.” the reason exercise works is that if forces the blood vessels to open up (vasodilate), and that’s make the blood pressure come down, Dr Cade says ” even thought it tends to go back up during exercise, it drops when the exercise ends. then when it goes back up, it doesn’t go as much.” swimming and walking, and bike riding are all good exercise for hypertension’s. ” you don’t have to run.” Notes Cade. ” you do about the same amount of work when you walk, it just take longer to do it. the key thing is that it should be a brisk walk- a quarter mile in 4 minutes when you start, then later a full mile in about 15 minutes or less.”


8. Think Vegetarian

Studies have shown that vegetarian have lower high blood pressure than the general polpulation -10 to 15 mm hg, lower for bot systolic and diastolic pressure. the strange thing, however, is that no body known exactly why. ” But vegetarian do in fact have a lower blood pressure.


9. Measure it yourself

“Blood pressure reading at home at two encouraging. says Dr. Kaplan. ” for anybody who has a high blood pressure, it is far by the most sensible way to go about monitoring your condition,” but home monitoring can do more than just track your condition- it can help you to make more aware of how diet, exercise, and medication are effecting your blood pressure. It may also help you to over come the “white coat” reaction many people experience.


10. Be a happy person

A study in New York Hospital- Cornell University Medical showed that different emotion play a very specific role in determining how high or low blood pressure may go. when testing unmedicated hypertensive patient around the clock with high tech monitor, researcher found that happiness caused systolic blood pressure to drop, while anxiety caused diastolic pressure to emotional intensity, so that that the happier a person felt, the more systolic pressure fell. conversely, the more anxiety a person experienced, the higher the diastolic pressure rose. researcher also discovered that anxiety experienced outside home makes the blood pressure increase significantly  more than anxiety experience inside the home. the lesson in all this could be summed up as follows: don’t worry be happy- but if you must worry, do it at home.



11. Try talking less

While its hardly surprising that arguing with your spouse or fighting with the boss can make the blood pressure sour, research has shown that virtually any communication can put blood pressure on the rise. researcher at the university of maryland  discovered that speaking can cause blood pressure to increase by 10 to 50 percent, with hypertensive individuals showing the greatest increase. and this effect is not restricted to the spoken word- even the use of sign language by deaf people cause dramatic increase in their blood pressure. this has caused some scientist  to speculate that a general ” communicating state” may exist in humans and that this state may some how linked to the heart, causing its activity to increase, if true, this increased activity could result in an unintended blood pressure rise during such innocent activities as talking to your doctor.



12. Check your spouse’s blood pressure, too

you’ve probably heard that husband and wives start looking alike after several years of marriage, but researcher have discovered an even stranger phenomenon. the longer two people are  married, the more the blood pressure become similar. the researcher conducted the study  suggest that mimicking effect factors. ” communication, particularly handling conflict and expressing emotion, may effect blood pressure levels between spouses. “say one. to the next time the doctor say your pressure is up, have him check your spouse, too. if your in your sixties, this study predicts your blood pressure will be only a point or so part.


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