Olive Oil: The ideal Formula

Olive oil is superior to seed oils as much for its dietary therapeutic properties as for its flavor and aroma.


Here are medical effects of olive oil

1.It promotes heart health, regular consumption of olive oil protect against coronary disease( angina and myocardial infarction). it reduce the treat of thrombosis. In a study in south Africa christian Barnard, the first to perform a successful hart transplant, demonstrated that olive oil is as effective as a fish oil in reducing the level of fibrinogen in the blood. this protein substance is the primary component of blood clots; the higher its level, the greater the threat of thromebosis (formation of clots)


2. It controls cholesterol level. It is true that olive oil does not reduce total cholesterol level as much as seeds oil, in reality, it does very little to reduce harmful LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol. it does however, raise HDL (beneficail cholesterol) levels. This does not mean, how ever, that olive oil is less beneficial than seeds oil, as was once thought. the use of olive oil provides greater protection against arterioscleros and coronary disease (angina and infarction) than any other oil, because its inhibits the oxidation of lipoprotiens.


3. It inhibits the oxidation of lipoproteins. It is known that the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein ( a type of fat that circulates throught blood a nd contains a great deal of cholesterol), known by the initials LDL is the main mechanism in the production of arteriosclerosis. Numerous studies have demonstrated that monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid from olive oil, are more effective than polyunsaturated fatty acids in inhibiting oxidation of lipoproteins. in other words, olive oil is more effective than those of seeds in the prevention of arteriosclerosis, even though seeds oil reduce cholesterol levels to a greater degree.


4.It reduce the risk of brest cancer. Investigation from the Spanish national school of health (escuela nacional de sanidad, madrid spain) were the first to propose that oilive oil  reduces the risk of breast cancer. another joint study by the university of athens (greece) and harvard university (USA), confirmed that an increase in olive oil consumption more than once a day lowered the risk of breast cancer by 25% to 35%. on the other hand, the use of margarine is associated with a higher risk of these disease.


5. It protects the liver. Olive oil promotes the liver function and is particularly useful in case of some type of hepatic insufficient due to hepatitis, circhoses or toxins from medication or from other sources. this has been confirmed experimented  with laboratory animals. it is equal useful in cases of gallbladder disorder due to its cholagogue effect ( it aids drainage of the bile)


6. It help avoid constipation. It serves as a mild effective laxative, particularly when it is taken on an empty stomach one or two are sufficient.


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