Depuytren’s Contracture Surgery

I want to tell you my story about my husband problem with his  hand. at first its is just start  with very small he feel that some kind of rope is inside of his hand and he said that it’s controlling everything, and the time just come, that he don’t feel much comfortable of it. it start with a very hard like a lamp inside of the skin hand and its forming on your palm. he hard a hard time to flat his hand on any surface for example on the table. I want to inform you about this kind of disease and how I understand.

So What Is Dupuytren’s and symptons

Depuytre’s contracture is a disease that can lead to limited used of your hand. this may happen when certain tissue in the palm thickens. while if often doesn’st cause pain, it can make the hand to straighten your fingers. It is said that people whose family came from from northern european countries are most likely to get depuytren’s contracture. symptons most often appear to 50 to 60 yrs old me. but some woman also may have this problem. deputren’s can make simple task like shaking hand awkward.

Signs And Symptoms?

dupuytren’s sign and symptons start slowly they can steadily progress. but they may also stop before they llmit hand use. sign and symptons include:

1. A hard lump forming on your plan

2.Inability to place your palm flat on a surface

3. Scarlike bands forming across your palm

4. Fingers bent toward your palm

5. Hand pain

Inside Your Hand .

Your palm contains a tough, fibrous layer of tissue called the Palmar Fascia. It forms a protective 
between your skin and tendons ( tissue that connect muscle to bone). the fascia give your palm
a flexible firmness.When the Fascia thickens For reason not fully know, the palmar fascia can thicken. 
when this happen, it contracts (pull in). small, hard knots called nodules may form just under the 
skin near the base of the fingers. hard bands also may form across the palm. nodules, bands, and the
contracting palmar fascia can make your fingers(especially the ring and little fingers) bend toward
your palm.

here are sample photo of the hand as you can see the small finger and the ring finger are bend and 
cannot straighten the small finger and the ring finger had some hard knots like a lump.

And here is the hand of my husband which is really bend, and as you can see  there is also a sign
of arthritis.what he feels is inside of the hand is that some kind of a long rope between the small 
finger and the thumb, that the small finger want's to be closer to the thumb. and he feel the pain on 

Treating Dupuytren’s Contracture – the only way to treat dupuytren’s is surgery. It’s not a cure. symptoms can recurein a few years. but surgery helps many patient regain a better range of finger motion. your doctor may suggest surgery if use of your hand is sharply limited. talk with your doctor to find out it surgery is good choice for you .

here are some photo on the day of surgery aug. 28, 2017

In a surgery they remove some of the palmar fascia. i waited for almost 3 to 4 hours. he wake drowsy after the surgery. The doctor used a zigzag incision to reach the fascia. A zigzag allow better healing and finger in motion. after the the surgery the incision left with open to help drainage and as a heal. the doctor said that it will close on its own. the doctor had some cut on the side of left ring finger and the same with small finger. they put a very thick bandage or cast over the hand and forearm and we go home after the surgery.

After The Surgery

In the first few days, keep your hand elevated to reduce swelling. the doctor also prescribe a pain pill he suggest also to used some ice. and at the same time we follow the doctor’s advice. In about a week we go  back to doctor’s office. the doctor examined the hand clean it. the doctor said that it’s not yet ready to remove the stitches and need to go back for 1 week again.

Risk And Complications

The doctor gave us the detail about possible risk complication of surgery and these are the detail.

  1. Stiff fingers
  2. Thick scarring on the palm
  3. Numbness in the hand
  4. Swelling around finger joints
  5. Impaired blood flow to the hand
  6. Long term in hand (rare)

So after another week we go back again to doctor’s office the hand clean and finally remove the stitches it was on sept. 8,2017 the hand is really raw. removing the bandage is really agony he handle it.


As you heal

By doing your exercise and wearing a splint if needed, you can speed up for recovery.It may take a few weeks before you have used of you hand. but time you will regain most of your hand function. I just forgot to tell which hand had a surgery last year 2016 he had a surgery on the left hand the same problem but  the doctor advice that he need a therapy so my husband get a therapy for almost 2 months on the left hand. but this one the right which is the year of 2017 the doctor’s advice that he don’t need a therapy and it will heal on its own regain the movement and so on.

here are some photo on sept 11, 2017 he mow  the grass on our front yard and back  that’s why the two bandage are very dirty.

as the progress goes by the started of the itching and and flaking are very irritable for him but he is more patient now than the last year.if its pain,yes the pain is still there.the small finger and the ring finger has no sign of any movement at all.this is Sept. 13,2017. visiting the doctor office


In the house on Tue. Sept. 26, 2017 We clean the bandage. the changing and the big progress is happening he feel much better now than a few weeks ago. it is very itchy, more flaking. patient more…


On Oct. 5, 2017 the difference of the hand are really change as you can see the hole on the palm started to close. the small finger and the ring finger had a sign of moving too. he started a plan to exercise the small finger and the ring finger just by stretching every morning



These is the photo taken on Oct.22,2017 the hole is almost close. a little more and it will be close totally as you can see he can straight now the hand. the progress is good the hand is healing by its own. we did consult something weird on the first finger which is something like a skin that its look like a very small hole but its only skin that form like that the doctor ask if he feel something and he said nothing and it wont bother him at all so there is nothing to worry the doctor said.


this is Nov. 30,2017 The healing process is slow but its ok we feel  better that he can do a lot of things now than before. Imagine the things you can’t do if something is controlling in your hand you can’t  do the daily basis of your life. now what ever he want he can do it now. the hand will never be the same us before, but the good thing is his life goes back the same way he want.


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