Sign and Symptom of Allergies Complication

If you have know allergy and notice any of the following symptoms,  and have never experience them before during allergy attack you should see your doctor.

  • A whistling sound when you breathe-otherwise known as wheezing.
  • Congestion of the chest severe enough to make breathing difficult,often accompanied by wheezing, also known as asthma.
  • An attack that doesn’t respond to over the counter medication within a week.
  • Welts that spring up in response to exposure to an allergen- also known as hives they may indicate the onset of of prophylactic shock- an allergic reaction to severe enough to kill

Prophylactic shock is a very server allergic reaction is most commonly associated with bee or fire ant sting, but it can occur in response to other allergens, too. if welts erupt following a sting, it could indicate a severe allergic reaction and should be views as warning flag for prompt medical attention.

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