8 Ways To Alleviate The symptoms Of Allergies

An Allergy is what happen when your body detects a foreign substance it doesn’t like. your nose plugs up and starts dripping, your eyes itch and run, your lungs  burn and wheeze. like many people, allergies comes in almost infinite variety. but most fit into three basic categories like contact, food, or inhalant allergies. Inhalant allergies- allergies we experience in  response to material in the air we breath. the four biggest trouble maker are in the house and this are house dust,pollen, pet dander, and mold. different people are allergic to different things.- pieces of cockroach are pretty potent, actually but the single and biggest problem are the dust mite. for the record, the dust mist is an almost -microscopic relative of ticks and spider. but the living mite is not a problem its the fecal material they expel. as for other common allergies, pollen blows in from  outside, pet dander falls off  Fido  in the shower of dead skin, and molds grow where ever its dark and humid, under your carpet, in the basement, but it doesn’t matter which one you encounter inhale any of them and you are allergic, you’ll start sneezing.

Not every home can lay claim to all four of the big four, but every home  that’s not hermetically sealed can lay claim to one or more. so what to do? Is there ever any escape from this ubiquitous denizen of modern home, or the allergic masses condemned to a life of endless snuffling and eternal sniffling?

So rest easy there’s a lot you can do to minimize the misery your allergy brings to your life. the following doctors tested and recommended  tips.



  • 1.Treat Your Symptoms A certain amount of exposure to what ever bothers you is unavoidable. allergy shots available from your doctor are a great way to make sure your forays into the outside world are pleasant instead of painful, but you don’t have to rely on them. over the counter antihistamine, are available from your local drug store, works wonders on drippy noses and red, itchy eyes. for the most part they do a good job. but if you have an allergy that persist for more than five to seven days, you should see your doctor
  • 2.Air-Condition Your house This is probably the single most important thing you can do to alleviate pollen problems, and it can help with two others chief inhalant the molds and the dust mites. the basic idea is to create an oasis of sorts. you want your home to be a place of sanctuary, a place you can count on to provide escape. the conditioning can help in two ways. they keep humidity low, which discourages mites and molds and they can filter the air in the course of cooling if you install an air cleaner.
  • 3.Wipe Down humid Areas With Fungicides– Clorox kills mold, and unlike some other exotic chemicals, you can get it in many grocery stores. wipe down surfaces in your bathroom as needed to control the problems. the Clorox labels suggests you can clean floors, vinyls,tile , woodwork and appliances. Clorox will bleach your fabrics with a solution of 3/4 cups Clorox bleach per gallon of water, let stand for 5 minutes and rinse. use regular fungicides for tough locations like kitchen and bathroom.
  • 4.Wear a Face Mask Use one when doing anything that’s like;y to expose you to the material your allergic to. a simple chore like vacuuming throw huge quantities of dust  and what ever else is in your home into the air, where it will hang for several minutes, and gardening can expose you to  huge volume of pollen. a small mask that cover the nose and mouth,known professionally  as a dust and mist respirator, can cut the allergen reaching your lungs. the 3M company makes an inexpensive version that comes highly recommended and can be found in most grocery and  hardware store.
  • 5.Throw Out Your Carpet– For an allergic person sensitive to house dust , pet dander, or mold, carpets are an absolute no-no. they make an almost perfect home for dust mites and molds and the tightly woven modern carpet very effectively attracts and holds pollen and pet dander. even steam cleaning many not help.


  • 6.Buy A Dehumidifier Keeping the air clean in your home will bring relief from pollen,molds, and pet dander.  keeping it dry will help put a stop to dust mite problem too. they really don’t do very well at humidifies below about  45 percent, generally the dryer , the better. if that creates a problems to you or for the child or someone else sensitive to dry air, try putting a small room  humidifier to close to his bed.

  • 7.Wash Mattress Pads Often in Hot WaterYour pillows aren’t the only problems, mites love your mattress pads just as much, run them through a hot cycle wash weekly and you will kill the resident bugs.

  • 8.Make At least One Room A Sanctuary-If you cant afford central air and dont want to tip the wall to wall carpeting out of every room in your house. there’s still hope.make just one room a sanctuary. most people spend the largest part of their time at home in the bedroom so making just that one room a mite free area can do a great deal to alleviate the allergy. do it by air conditioning the  room in summer,sealing it from the rest of the house keep the the door closed and replaces carpets with throw rug.


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