Exercise your mind,body and soul

Doing activies with others can help you have a good physical and mental health. Adopting a more well rounded view of your health can help you reach your goals. Working one area, such as physical health can also help improve other areas like mental health.

There are variety of Physical health

. Yoga: Slow movements to control breathing for better flexibility and relaxation

.Pilates: Similar to yoga, but is more focused on building the strength and endurance

.Walking meditation: Mindful walking where you are more aware of your environment and surroundings while moving.

.Tai chi: the Graceful movement has done in a fluid manner to built strength, increase flexibility, and reduce stress.


A well  rounded you mean working on:

.Your physical activity- Staying in shape helps keep you strong and healthy, and elevates your mood.

.Better Sleep- Getting adequate quality of sleep equips you to meet every health challenge.

. Your Relationship- How you relate to others impact your physical, mental and emotional health.

.diet-A healthy diet makes for a healthy body, and you can have a positive impact on your mental and social health.

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